Foods with super flavor? Well, yes, that’s true, but it's not what gives them their super food ranking. Here's a course you might find of special interest.


10 Super Foods and how we serve them:

Super Foods are a class of organic plants with optimal levels of nutrients per calorie. Proteins, carbs and fats are the three categories of calories. Nutrients, such as vitamins, mineral and fiber, are the essential noncaloric elements of food that enable calories to fuel the cells.


Low calorie, nutrient-rich super foods need to become a daily habit to promote optimal weight and keep all systems flowing. We’ve created a menu of our favorite appetizing super food dishes designed to vitalize the body, sharpen the mind and elevate the spirit.


Popeye's favorite vegetable1. Organic Baby Spinach


Popeye received an instant steroid effect by squishing a can labeled “Spinach,” causing the entire content to arch through the air into his waiting mouth. Besides being tastier, fresh green organic baby spinach leaves are much more nutritious than Popeye’s canned version.  A good fat-free source for protein, iron, magnesium, antioxidant, vitamins C and K, fresh spinach promotes the rare combination of calm nerves and high energy. Other benefits include protection from inflammation in the intestinal tract lining, cardiovascular flow and liver regeneration.


Our House Organic Chicken Salad not only features spinach but other organic baby greens including kale, basil and sprouts. Combined with avocado, cucumber, tomato, organic corn salsa, broccoli, carrot and a mayo-free thousand island dressing, this plate gives you a complete range of what you need.


EJ’s Spicy Frittata, a zesty potato, spinach, egg dish, kissed by caramelized onions, topped with organic manchego cheese, delights those looking for a big-day’s-worth of energy.


The Pasta-Style Lasagna hits the trifecta. It’s organic, vegetarian and gluten-free. Filled with spinach and other tasty vegetables, this special has become an instant favorite for those dining at night.


Chinese berries with healing properties2.   Goji Berry

The ancient berry, originally from China, has traditionally been used in medicinal cures for joint inflammation, cold symptoms, and eye problems. Its complex carbohydrate profile helps ease nervous tension. With a mild sweetness and tangy tartness, goji provides a delicious low-cal, high fiber source of fat-free protein.

Zucky’s, Weldon J. Fulton’s masterpiece of atomic age architecture was designed in 1954. This deli was a favorite hangout for a wide variety of groups. It was even mentioned in Thomas Pynchon’s novel Inherent Vice in a scene where the hero Doc spots Cheech and Chong noshing. The famous sign still stand despite the fact it went out of business in 1993. Locals who miss the chicken soup have found solace right across the street at SuperFood Cafe, where the organic chicken soup is served with a choice of organic brown jasmine rice or organic wide Noodles.

The World Culture Center, a Buddhist venue directly facing SuperFood Cafe adds an international architecture flair to the neighborhood. People who attend events in the acoustically designed auditorium are attracted to Buddha-friendly fare served across the road. The Good Karma is a breakfast favorite and a variety of soups, salads and sandwiches offer choices for a wide range of dietary concerns.


Another benefit glowing in importance is its protective cellular shield against cell phone radiation and other microwave pulses in the environment.


Goji Cookie makes an ideal reward for eating your vegetable. For dessert or snacks, you’ll be getting oats, coconut, dark chocolate, goji and hemp seeds that will give you a boost when afternoon energy levels start to flag.


Organic Chicken Rocket Salad boasts the satisfying integrated flavors of goji, walnuts, seasonal fruit and manchego with a balsamic tarragon vinaigrette. It’s no wonder that for years, it's consistently been among the most ordered menu items.


3.  Hemp Seed


Vegetarians rejoice! This miracle food is a complete protein, a difficult item to find in the vegetable kingdom. Most diets are deficient in essential fatty acids found in omegas. These seeds contain mega amounts of omegas, the ideal ratio of three 6s to one 3.  Polyunsaturated fat (HDL), the kind that promotes good health, is at the 77% level, which places hemp above all other plants. The seeds are high in vitamin E, great for the skin. Aided by its 20 essential amino acids, ease of digestion is greatly enhanced.


Acai Brazilian Bowl. Coupled with acai, another amazing super food, hemp granola brings this breakfast treat into the stratosphere of bodily rewards. Including banana, blueberries, almond milk and organic agave, this dish is unique and tastes like heaven.


Gado Gado Hemp Organic Tofu Salad is inspired by Balinese cuisine and the fresh feeling of their tropic mountains. Gado Gado will provide essential nutrient from a host of sources. Baby greens, snap peas, cucumber, bean sprouts, cashew dressing over a bed of our quinoa and brown jasmine rice medley, combined in an appetizing bowl, will provide enough energy for a day in the Monkey Forest.


It’s no surprise that the Vegan Burro is one of the cafe’s most popular breakfast treats. With organic tofu, vegan sausage and vegan cheese, this hearty hemp plato will spark up your morning with its tangy pico de gallo sauce. (Read on)



Big agribusiness firms use of weed killers, chemical fertilizers and insecticides  is having a devastating effect on the bee population. Pollination, vital to plant production and our existence is in danger. Conscious eating is the solution. Demand Organic.

We are answering the call for cozy nighttime dining with ambient lighting, candles on the tables and a range of dinner dishes for light to hearty eating.

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