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Blueberries are an incredible everyday antioxidant.8.   Blueberry

Of the richest sources for gallic acid, including hazelnuts, cashews, mango green tea and red wine, blueberries rank at the top. Gallic acid is an age-inhibiting antioxidant that works by eliminating fungi, viruses, and inflammation, while protecting the nerves, promoting weight loss and aiding in skin rejuvenation.


The Gluten-free Organic Vegan Waffle combines the properties of blueberries and strawberries that work synergistically to amp up digestion, adding extra rewards for the cells. Crisp on the outside with a chewy interior, our brunch standard tastes light and airy. Topped with organic maple syrup, this waffle soars above all others on the West side.


Krunchy Granola Bowl is a blend of top super foods, low-fat organic yogurt, walnuts, chia seeds, hemp granola, organic agave and the cherished blueberry. Not only does this dish provide probiotics to aid in digestion, it is also a high-charged source of energy.


Coffee is a super food for cognitive acuity.9.   Organic Coffee

Legend has it that Kaldi, a goat herder from the Ethiopian highlands, noticed his flock became uncharacteristically frisky after eating berries from a particular tree native to those hills. A tea made from that fruit had similar effects on humans and soon the popularity of the drink spread. When excessive amounts are consumed, undesirable side effects occur, but, when used in optimal quantities, organic coffee is a powerful super food. Quicker reaction times, cognitive acuity, memory accessibility, enhanced physical performance, brighter moods and fat burning acceleration are a few of the gifts these berries








have to offer. Coffee lowers the risk of major diseases, such as Alzheimer's, depression, Parkinson's and diabetes, while aiding longevity and a sense of well being. Coffee is not a bean, as commonly called. It is actually a drupe, a fruit with a stone that grows on trees rather than bushes, as do berries. Coffee’s red colored fruit is closely related to cherries. It is the pit of the fruit that is roasted and ground and brewed into coffee.


Cappuccino. Using organic dairy, soy or almond milk creates a fresh light taste, not attainable with conventional products. When steaming foam to peak up like dreamy clouds, flavor is paramount, so measures must be taken to use the perfect temperature for the proper amount of time. Blending the ideal ratio between organic espresso, milk and foam makes this mug a West side must.


Espresso made from organic beans has a beautiful rich thick crema that adds a sweetness to the pleasantly bitter tang and gives the cup a caramel tone, complimenting the robust feel of contemplation.


A super food for creative stimulation10. Dark Chocolate

Originating in Mexico, cultivated by the Olmecs and raised to sacred elixir status by Montezuma, cocoa, now known as a decadent indulgence, has, in fact, an array of mega healthy attributes. Dark chocolate is known to stimulate creative mental activity while easing arterial stress by promoting healthy blood flow. High in fiber, iron, copper, zinc potassium and magnesium, dark chocolate is one of the highest ranked antioxidants.


Chocolate Mellow Rice Brownie is gluten-free and dairy-free with organic eggs. SuperFood Cafe is a Santa Monica pioneer in offering gluten-free baked goods like the Faux Nut. When our customers were lamenting the fact they no longer include gluten in their diet and had to avoid house-baked goodies, we responded with brownies made with rice flour.


Another gluten-free munchie is the Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie made with organic pecans. This indulgence and one of our organic coffee drinks will flip the most blah afternoon into a brainstorming session.•

by Zox  3-5-15